Classic Outdoor Games: Why Do They Matter?

A current survey commissioned by a prominent clothing catalog has revealed surprising results: classic outdoor games such as hopscotch, Foursquare, and the marbles are in a serious decline.

In the UK, a famous radio commentator, also a loving father of two children came by train through the support of a return of above mentioned games. Many of us who has passed forty, will really mourn at this loss , because most of us have such fond memories … a game of croquet that we have to laugh hysterically, a game of badminton where the ‘Birdie’ was stuck in a tree down … and we had to fill in the blanks with the right in this document.


Why Outdoor Games?

Simple answer: for fun and fitness. Not necessarily in that order. Both are of great importance. Stop and think about it for few minutes.
The health problems caused by inactivity derivatives both physical and mental, ranging from childhood diabetes, heart and vascular problems due to poor balance a lack of mental stimulation. All these problems can be solved or at least significantly improved by playing with friends and family.
Adults of us can easily re- arranged to collect friends from the neighborhood for games like dodgeball and kickball. The children of today are not enough to venture away from their iPod or iPhone for long.
This is where the necessity of education comes into play. Parents need to establish rules of moderation for digital access and to integrate physical activity. Outdoor games can be a real fun if played lightly with competition. (more…)


If you think that it is impossible for two of the most popular gaming characters be featured in a single game, think again. Classic gaming characters Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog will compete against each other at the Olympic Games. This will be the first time that these two pioneer gaming characters will be placed in a single video game. So whether you have a Sony PSP, Wii or a Nintendo DS System, you will surely enjoy playing Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games. But they are not the only characters in the game, their pals from their own games will be joining them like Yoshi, Knuckles, Luigi and others will be featured in this fun and exciting game. So choose your favorite character or play against the others characters and aim for the Olympic gold medal. Other details about this game are that the dimensions of the box for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games are 7.5 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches and with a box weight of 5 ounces.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Games can be played using Wii and Nintendo DS game. You can compete not only using Mario and Sonic, you can also use other characters like Luigi, (more…)


If you are the type of gamer who likes to have a video game career in time management games, then Papa’s Pizzeria is the perfect video game for you. In Papa’s Pizzeria, instead of you managing farms or hotels, you get to manage a pizzeria. This basically has the same format as other time management games, the only difference in Papa’s Pizzeria is the setting. You have to take orders from clients and then you have to top, cook and cut the pizzas’ ordered based on the customer’s specifications, this can be done by clicking on the different pizza stations.

The first station is the order station, you have to see the customers and take their orders, then for very order that you get there are topping ingredients, cooking time and cutting style based on the customers’ preferences.  After receiving the orders from the customers, you can now go to the topping station and start topping the customers’ pizza. Just like other time (more…)


Ragnarok Online is a popular 3D MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) powered by Gravity Co., Ltd released in South Korea on August of 2002. This online game is known to be one of the best Korean MMORPG on the decade and has been a pay to play for many years which is why private ragnarok online servers became so popular. Ragnarok online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with 2D sprites and visuals. It has several characters to choose from and a large world to explore.

Ragnarok online is compose of numerous maps, each has a unique terrain and native monsters, though some of the monsters can also be encountered in other maps. From these maps, exist towns like Prontera (central district of the game), Payon( home of the archers) , Morroc( home of the assassins), Al debaran( home of the merchants), Geffen(home of the magicians) and etc.